Welcome! Here's where you'll find out all about Marcus T Anthony's books - and  other things like videos and radio interviews. Marcus is a leading futurist and writer who specialises in discussing the way human intuitive intelligence will change the future. He has written six non-fiction books and novels, and published forty academic papers about the future. Marcus has delivered his fascinating talks and workshops worldwide.

Marcus' brand new book!

In A More Attractive Law of Attraction you will:

- Learn how to tap into your natural spiritual intelligence to create the life you were meant to live;
- Learn how you can avoid ego falls – painful life corrections which stem from false spiritual teachings such as those found in so many new age books;
- Be shown the 10 Deepening Tools, practical processes which will allow you to tap into your highest wisdom;
- Learn how to bring your mind into a state of profound stillness where you can access your highest wisdom;
- Be shown how to distinguish between the voice of ego and the voice of Spirit;
- Learn how to align your conscious intention with the greater intelligence of the universe.

A More Attractive Law of Attraction waiting for you. Available from Amazon in Kindle or in .mobi, .epub and PDF from Marcus ($4.99). 

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The Mind Reader
Marcus' brand new semi-autobiographical novel!

“What if you could see into the unknown country within men, to gaze upon the dark places that even they dare not venture…?”

The Mind Reader is The incredible paranormal mystery which you won’t believe is based on real life events taken from the author’s life…

The flicker of distant lightning. A storm builds upon a dark horizon. Greg Marks stands upon a deserted beach, a young man mesmerised by the mysterious force that is about to take his life… and toss his mind into unseen dimensions… So begins this unique paranormal kindle book. But what is this unknown force which comes for Greg? What is its intention? How did Greg come to be standing upon a lonely beach, with waves of paranormal activity crashing upon his naked soul?


    The Mind Reader is the exciting semi-autobiographical novel by futurist and mystic Marcus T Anthony, detailing many astounding events that really happened to him. This is the ground-breaking occult and supernatural kindle book which will appeal to both mature readers and lovers of occult young adult fiction.   Available from Amazon in Kindle ($4.99), or in .mobi, .epub and PDF from Marcus ($4.99)


    “Brilliant! This gets better and better. Extremely powerful, it brought tears to my eyes to read it. Looking forward to reading more.”

Simon Buckland, Wall Street International.
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How to Channel your Dissertation:
...and be inspired as you do so!

This book tells you everything you need to know about how to write your dream dissertation by tapping into your natural intuitive intelligence – and being deeply inspired! The author, Marcus T Anthony shares with you the five intuitive tools he used to complete a PhD dissertation, publish a dozen journal articles and write an academic book all in four years - while working full-time as a teacher and educational administrator! Available as a Kindle book; or in  .mobi, .epub and PDF from Marcus ($4.99). Read the first part of the book here for free!
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Discover Your Soul Template:

...with 14 easy-to-use spiritual tools

Tap in to the wisdom of your soul template and strengthen your intuition to profound levels, thereby developing a trusted inner source of guidance. Marcus reveals why the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for most people, and how you can make it work. Revealing how to bring the mind into presence to get “the secret” to work for you, Anthony shows you how to use integrated intelligence to live your true calling while fulfilling the deeper needs of your spirit. (hard copy or ebook through Amazon.com)


Extraordinary Mind:

The extraordinary truth about the future!

What if we could see into the past, present and future? Integrated Intelligence is the natural human ability to connect with a greater universal mind. Marcus shows you that this evolutionary breakthrough is here, drawing upon decades of research and direct experience in activating extraordinary mind. The tales detailing his astonishing experiences around the world are truly enlightening. Whether it be chasing UFOs in Australia, journeys out of the body, connections with otherworldly beings, or dreaming the future before it happens, Marcus’ stories will enthrall you - hard copy ($17.95) & Kindle ($3.99). Also available from Marcus in .mobi, .epub and PDF.