Personal sessions with Marcus T Anthony 

My main goal is to help people empower their lives and live their dreams. I use a powerful intuitive method - spiritual insight - to get right to the heart of problems, and help people find the right path to their ideal future. Spiritual insight can help heal the psychological and spiritual issues that may be holding you back. Twenty years ago I discovered I had natural clairvoyant abilities, and since that time I have developed those abilities further by working with advanced spiritual teachers. An important motivation for me is to teach people how to find their true calling using their own natural, intuitive gifts. Sessions can be done by phone, Skype, or email. 


Blessings, Marcus


Soul Purpose Readings

For people looking to move forward, align their lives with the deeper needs of their spirit, and develop personal empowerment. Your 'Soul Purpose' is what you are here on Earth to learn. These readings will benefit people at turning points in their lives, or facing recurring professional, creative or emotional issues. The process will help you:

·     Identify your soul gifts and personal strengths.       

·     Discover the best way to achieve success for you.

·     Identify and heal the Soul Issues which lie at the core of your life journey, and which may sabotage your hopes and dreams.

·     Clarify your soul needs, and learning how to actualise them.

·     Connect with and heal your inner child.

·     Learn to use your innate intuition to achieve success. 

Fees: In person or via Skype: (US$95) - usually 1 hour.

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Public Talks

Marcus is highly entertaining & knowledgeable public speaker. In particular his talks focus upon:

·    The significance of current world events, & what they mean for the future

·    Integrated Intelligence & human consciousness evolution

·  The future of Education & the teaching of intuitive and spiritual ways of knowing

·  Intuitive methods for researchers & re-discovering the passion of learning)

·   Futures Studies

·   The Futures of China & Asia

 Click here to see Marcus speaking about consciousness and the future at TEDx Hong Kong, 2012.

Fees: Variable according to location, venue and time.

To invite Marcus to speak at your event, contact him at [email protected]